Some of the projects undertaken last yearUkraine


We started last year by driving up to Kiev with a medical trailer to expand the Mercy Trucks Ukraine project of providing free dental care to children in orphanages.  In the same trip, we were able to help persecuted children living in gipsy communities by delivering baby blankets and clothes. Aid was also delivered to the mother and baby unit and for children living within the Chernobyl disaster area. This was thanks to an army of knitters from all around the UK including the Inner Wheel and Teddies for Tragedies.


With the aid being unloaded from the trailer, it can now be used as a double surgery for medical and dental procedures. Stepan and Oksana do amazing work coordinating the teams of volunteers and are having a very positive input into the lives of so many children.  Stepan commented; “Every trip of the Mercy Truck ministry is an opportunity to serve children abandoned by their parents. It’s an opportunity to show them warmth, care and attention; to explain about God’s love and His faithfulness. Even though they were abandoned by earthly parents, God will never abandon them.”


In one church where a dental outreach was carried out, the minister wrote: “We are very thankful to God for the ministry of Mercy Trucks. It is a great witness of His love by deeds, not just words. During many years, the church has put a lot of effort and energy into showing the people in the village that we do care about the community, you helped us to take an even greater step toward this.”

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